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[Love Choice] Game Play Memo

Recently, I had some free time and bought a small game to play. I have never tried visual novels before, so I decided to give it a try and see if I am really a "steel straight man" haha.

During the gameplay, tears unknowingly welled up in the corners of my eyes.

Both sides unknowingly drew closer and gained a deeper understanding of each other.

In the game, sometimes the correct choice is not among the options: sometimes, the choices made through actions may be a better way of expression than words.

When the other person's vague veil gradually becomes transparent, some friction is inevitable.

But compared to arguing, silent hugs may be a better way to resolve conflicts.

One-sided compromise cannot solve the problem; mutual understanding is the lubricant for friction.

Sometimes, when we seek others, it is not to find a solution to our own problems, but simply to find a listener.

Looking back, my last relationship was still in high school...

At that time, I was naive, pure, sincere, and passionate, but now those memories are gradually fading away...

In the new year, I hope to prioritize life first, and put studying and work second, and spend more time with the people around me.

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